The First Seven Pages


Federal Capture's BD Philosophy

The First Seven Pages methodology is a more informed, logical, and flexible approach to respond to and win USAID and other international development assistance procurements.

The First Seven Pages emphasizes the critical importance of the front sections of a company’s response to USG and development assistance solicitations. Typically these sections include the:

  • Executive Summary
  • Understanding the Context
  • Understanding the Client
  • Technical Solution

While every section after The First Seven Pages is important, if an evaluator is not engaged after reading these front sections, the Offeror has already lost the bid.  

The First Seven Pages philosophy drives what intelligence clients will gather prior to solicitation release, how to conduct its technical design sessions, and how to tell a convincing story in the proposal response. 

The earlier The First Seven Pages methodology is implemented in the business development cycle, the more informed your story will be and the more tailored your technical solution will be to the client.

For more information about The First Seven Pages and how it will help your organization meet its annual BD targets, please contact