Helping companies create, solidify, and/or expand their footprint in the USAID and international development markets

Capture Management and Proposal Development. We offer a range of BD services throughout the USG procurement cycle. Whether our clients outsource an entire bid to us or to take on a defined role (e.g. lead technical writer), Federal Capture brings rigor, urgency, and efficiency to all its client engagements. 


Recruitment. Federal Capture has cultivated personnel networks in the facilities maintenance, food services, staff augmentation, and international development industries. We source key and non-key personnel candidates that possess both client and technical experience 100% of the time. 


Training. We offer a suite of training courses to improve a company’s competitive edge in the USG marketplace. The First Seven PagesTM Workshop, for example, integrates six to eight of a client’s recent technical proposals into the design of the course curriculum. Through tailored practicums, participants learn how to improve their company’s “sell” using industry best practices in proposal compliance, structure, and story. 


Long-Term Strategy Development and Design. We engage a company’s leadership to design a clear, comprehensive, multi-year BD strategy. We will help clients identify its markets, analyze its competition, and develop its ‘go to market’ differentiators. 


Institutional Systems and Processes. We assess a company’s BD maturity, right-sizing our solutions to its unique organizational structure, annual turnover, growth strategy, and culture. Interventions range in scope from assessing a specific function (e.g. capture management) to creating a company’s BD unit from the ground up.